Example: Ammunation

Example : Bank]

To rob a bank you need to become a terrorist. If you don't know how to then simply sit in a car & use the command /gps. After that you need to find & search for job centre. An arrow above your head will appear and will lead you to job centre. From there you can become a terrorist.
After becoming a terrorist. You need to buy explosives in order to blow bank's main compound door below stairs. To buy explosives you need to visit bomb shop. Follow the same process of step one in order to find bomb shop.
When you are done buying explosives from the shop. You need to find the bank. To find the bank follow the same procedures as given in step one & two. When you are done finding it. You need to get inside but beware of cops. They can even arrest you. Get inside the bank find the door you will find it below stairs. Go near that door use the command /plantc4. An explosive will be planted. Now you need to say a little bit away from the explosive. Press ''Y'' in order to blow up the door using explosive.
After blowing up the first door a second door will interrupt you try to do the same thing as you did with the first door.
When you are done blowing the second door simply find the red marker. Inside the room you will be able to find it. Stand over it and press the ALT key.