1. At least 30 playing hours
2. At least 500 total score
3. You must know the basic rules and what is not allowed
4. You must be willing to help people and failure to do so will get you fired
Job Description
Helpers are the people who help new players, give advice, and answer /helpme. Helpers can also be called "Trial Admins" because being a Helper is the first step to becoming an admin. Admins will always be watching you and observing how you do your job. If they think you are doing a good job, we will hire you as an admin.
Of course, you don't have to be an admin if you don't want to. You can stay as a Helper if that is what you want.

Application Format

In-Game name:
List all your previous names in the community:
Why do you want to be admin/operator:
What would you do as admin/operator:
Why should we choose you as admin/operator, instead of someone else:
Your timezone and time when you're online, In server time. (For example: from 15 :00 to 18:00):
Are you able to sign The Agreement if you are hired?:
Are you an admin on (an) other server(s):
Do you have experience as admin:
What is your age:
How would you describe your personality:
Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member?
Please show a picture of your in-game stats. (/stats):

1. If you do not follow the format, your application will be instantly denied.
2.If your application is denied for any other reason, you may not post another application until a week past.
Good luck